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(ANN-03-07) Title IV Cash Management Training

Publication Date: July 2003

DCL ID: ANN-03-07

Title IV Cash Management Training


Posted on 07-14-2003


July 2003


SUBJECT: Title IV Cash Management Training

SUMMARY: This letter announces a one-day workshop on the Title IV Cash Management Life Cycle

Dear Partner:�

FSA University is pleased to announce training on the Title IV Cash Management Life Cycle. We will offer up to 55 workshops nationwide. The workshops will begin September 10, 2003 and end December 12, 2003.

Who should attend the training?

The workshops are designed for fiscal officers and financial aid administrators at postsecondary institutions that participate in the Federal student aid programs, as well as computer technical support staff, third-party servicers, and other professionals with budget and financial responsibilities for Federal student aid funds.

The workshop content is at the intermediate level. Therefore, we recommend that attendees have a basic understanding of the cash management regulations before attending the workshops. Â

The training includes voluntary Pre and Post Self-Assessment questions. The Pre Self-Assessment questions are available online at and the Post Self-Assessment questions are included in the course materials. As you work through the online Pre-Assessment questions, a “Did You Know?” icon will appear after you submit your answer. Clicking on the icon will give you background information pertinent to the question you have just answered.

What will the workshops cover?

The workshops will –

  • Review the Title IV cash management life cycle procedures and requirements.
  • Describe how to request, draw down, maintain, disburse and, return Title IV funds.
  • Discuss the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) system and how COD processes affect institutional cash management procedures.
  • Review Federal regulatory requirements and procedures for management of Title IV funds.
  • Report on new and updated COD report features.
  • Include group activities to reinforce an understanding of the COD system.
  • Discuss internal and external reconciliation practices.
  • Describe how to access online FSA assessment tools.
  • Include group activities to demonstrate best practices for solving cash management problems


When, where, and how long are the workshops?

The workshops will begin September 10, 2003 and end on December 12, 2003.  Approximately 25 workshops will be held in the ED Regional Training Facilities. The remaining workshops will be held at participating institutions or hotel sites.  All workshops will begin at 9:00 a.m. each day and conclude no later than 5:00 p.m.

Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?

We will provide you with a Participant’s Guide. Please bring with you a one-inch, three ring binder to hold the Participant’s Guide and a pocket calculator to perform calculations required in some of the activities.

How do I register for a workshop? Can I get directions and travel information to my workshop site?

Each workshop will be limited to fifty people so registration is first-come, first-served. If you register, but later find you are unable to attend, please cancel so that someone else may attend in your place. If FSA University changes the dates and/or location of a workshop or cancels a workshop, we will notify you by e-mail.Â

To register for a workshop, go to Â

If you have not used the registration system before, please check the “quick tips” to help you log on, create an ID and password, and locate the workshop you want.    Â

If you need help with registration, call 1-800-433-7327 or e-mail Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your enrollment. The confirmation notice includes hotel information and workshop directions, if we have them available.

Thank you for your interest in Title IV Cash Management Life Cycle Training. We look forward to your participation in this training and hope you will find it a useful learning experience.




Anne Teresa

Director, FSA University


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