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(ANN-03-05) This letter announces the release of FSA COACH 2002-03

Publication Date: May 2003

DCL ID: ANN-03-05

This letter announces the release of FSA COACH 2002-03

Posted on 05-06-2003

May 2003


Summary: This letter announces the release of FSA COACH 2002-03.

Dear Partner:

FSA University is pleased to announce the release of FSA COACH 2002-03. COACH is an online training program from the U.S. Department of Education that offers a comprehensive introduction to student aid management.

Who will benefit from FSA COACH?

New financial aid staff: personnel in a school’s financial aid office can proceed from “big picture” lessons on FSA terminology and fundamentals to lessons that teach specific steps in student aid management.

Experienced financial aid administrators: directors and other experienced personnel can use the lessons to orient staff, tailor introductory training for staff with specialized job responsibilities, and cross-train the office team.

Other financial aid professionals: personnel working in lending institutions, TRIO programs, and other organizations in the financial aid community can benefit from this program.


FSA COACH contains about 40 hours of self-paced instruction. The lessons are organized into nine modules and feature interactive exercises, review questions, and quizzes that give immediate feedback on mastery of the information presented.

FSA COACH is available at We hope you will find it useful in meeting your organization’s training and learning needs.


Anne Teresa, DirectorFSA University

Last Modified: 05/05/2003