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(ANN-02-07) This letter announces workshops on Student Eligibility Basics and Delivery System 2003-2004.

Publication Date: November 2002

DCL ID: ANN-02-07

This letter announces workshops on Student Eligibility Basics and Delivery System 2003-2004.

Posted on 12-04-2002

November 2002


SUMMARY: This letter announces workshops on Student Eligibility Basics and Delivery System 2003-2004.

Dear Partner:

FSA University is pleased to announce two workshops designed to help financial aid professionals manage various aspects of student eligibility and update their knowledge of the Title IV delivery system. Each workshop will be one day long, and the workshops will be offered back-to-back at locations across the nation. You will need to register separately for each.

The training approach combines lecture, group discussion and individual case studies, designed to enhance learning and challenge participants to continue learning when they return to their offices.

Who should attend?

Student Eligibility Basics (Day One) is designed for financial aid professionals interested in a basic course that reviews the fundamental principles of eligibility. Delivery System 2003-04 (Day Two) is for professionals at all levels of experience.

What will the workshops cover?

Student Eligibility Basics covers three specific areas of student eligibility. Topics include:

(1) Student Eligibility--ensuring that a student meets the basic eligibility criteria for Title IV assistance, including how to interpret SAR/ISIR results from the data matches the CPS performs with other federal databases.

(2) Need Analysis--applying the Congressional need analysis formula using data from the FAFSA; how professional judgment can affect the expected family contribution (EFC) or cost of attendance (COA) and may impact the student's eligibility for student aid.

(3) Verification--performing verification, acceptable documentation, and making adjustments; resolving conflicting information when verification may not be required.

Delivery System

Delivery System focuses on the 2003-04 application processing cycle and complements the October 24 Delivery System Videoconference. The training provides an overview of the entire process with discussion of changes interspersed throughout the day. Topics include:

(1) Application Systems--the paper and electronic forms used by a student to apply for aid with an emphasis on the benefits of using electronic methods.

(2) Processing Application Data--how the data is processed and results transmitted to schools and students; data matches performed by the CPS; resolving problems such as rejects; and other data match issues that require resolution.

(3) Correcting Application Data--why an application might need to be corrected or updated; methods a school or student may use to submit corrections.

(4) Disbursement and Reporting--necessary reporting requirements for schools to request and substantiate their disbursements to students; use of the Common Origination and Disbursement system, NSLDS and the FISAP.

When, where and how long are the workshops

We are offering more than 50 workshops in the continental U.S., Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii. Some will take place at schools and others will take place in the Department's Regional Training Facilities. This training series will begin December 17, 2002 and conclude March 13, 2003.

Each of the two days will begin at 9:00 a.m. and conclude at approximately 4:00 p.m., including a lunch period and breaks.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Workshop?

You will receive a Participant’s Guide for each day of training. We suggest that you bring a two-inch, three-ring binder to hold your copy of the Guide.

For the Student Eligibility Basics workshop, you may want to bring a calculator to assist in performing some of the calculations in the Need Analysis module.

How do I register for a workshop?

Each workshop is limited to 50 people so registration is first-come, first-served. If you register and then are unable to attend, please cancel so that someone else may take your place. If FSA University changes or cancels a workshop, we'll notify you by e-mail.

If you are a first-time user of our registration system, we suggest you take a few minutes to review instructions on using the system. Instructions are available on the FSA University home page, as well as on the login page and at other points within the system. You may view the automated Registration Demo or read "Instructions on how to register," which offers written instructions illustrated with screen shots.

Cancellation policy: A workshop may be cancelled five business days prior to the workshop date if fewer than 10 people are registered at that time. You will be notified by email if a workshop is cancelled.

To register, and for information about all our current training programs, go to

If you need help with the registration process, call (202) 377-3941 or e-mail mailto:

Thank you for your interest in Federal Student Aid and in FSA University training. We look forward to your participation in our workshops and hope you will find them useful.


Anne Teresa, Director
FSA University

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