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(ANN-02-04) (ANN-02-04) SFA COACH 2001-02 is available online

Publication Date: May 2002

DCL ID: ANN-02-04

SFA COACH 2001-02 is available online

May 2002


Dear Partner:

I'm very pleased to announce the release of SFA COACH 2001-02. The best news about the third edition is that you'll be able to study the program online - no need to download software as in earlier versions.

This introductory course in student aid management offers you 36 self-paced lessons and is available at Technology allowed us to expand access to this year's COACH so it works on either a PC or a Macintosh. We've also made some changes to meet accessibility standards required by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

I want to thank the student aid administrators who serve on the COACH advisory group, and also ED's Office of Assistive Technologies. We listened to their suggestions and made improvements that I think you'll like. We're already at work on the 2002-03 edition, so please continue to give us feedback as you try out this first web-based version.

SFA COACH was designed to support financial aid professionals in their critical management jobs. We've been glad to hear that the program continues to meet a training need in the student aid community.


Greg Woods
Chief Operating Officer

Last Modified: 05/05/2002