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(ANN-01-10) (ANN-01-10) First Annual Spring Update Conference

Publication Date: December 2001

DCL ID: ANN-01-10

First Annual Spring Update Conference

December 2001


Dear Partner:

We are changing our annual conferences so we can serve the entire student aid community better. This fall, we expanded the scope of our Electronic Access Conferences to make them more interesting and valuable to all -- those using Direct Loans as well as those involved in Federal Family Education Loans. The results have been gratifying -- higher attendance than ever, and more positive evaluations than ever.

We are doing the same thing for our spring conference -- expanding and enriching it to appeal to the complete community. If you liked the old Direct Loan Conference, you will get all that information in the new "Spring Update Conference", including sessions on Common Origination and Disbursement, Verification, Quality Assurance, Policy and Program Updates, and much more. We will also use this opportunity to share experiences and best practices drawn from the whole mosaic of student aid. The Spring Update will also feature a related meeting -- the Software Developers Conference -- designed as a technical track to include your CIOs.

Please reserve March 6-8, 2002, on your calendar for the first annual Spring Update Conference. The conference will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, at the Marriott Baltimore Waterfront Hotel on Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Next year we will run two larger EAC conferences with more content, rather than the three like we ran this year. We will provide more information as the dates approach.

As always, I welcome your ideas and feedback. We look forward to serving you at these conferences.


Greg Woods

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