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(GEN-01-03) (GEN-01-03) This letter tranmits A Guide to 2001-2002 ISIRs (previously A Guide to SARs and ISIRs).

Publication Date: February 2000

DCL ID: GEN-01-03

Award Year: 2001-2002

SUMMARY: This letter transmits A Guide to 2001-2002 ISIRs (previously A Guide to SARs and ISIRs).

Dear Partner:

This letter transmits A Guide to 2001-2002 ISIRs. The Guide contains information to assist you in interpreting the codes that appear on the Institutional Student Information Records (ISIRs), which are sent directly to institutions by the Central Processing System (CPS).

The ISIR contains a summary of information that the student reported using one of the application formats: the paper or electronic Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the paper or electronic Renewal FAFSA, FAFSA Express or the Web versions of the FAFSA and Renewal FAFSA. ISIRs also provide student corrections to application data using EDExpress, a paper SAR, or Corrections on the Web. An information section for financial aid administrators appears on the ISIR and identifies the student's eligibility results using a series of flags or codes. Although some of this information is available elsewhere, A Guide to 2001-2002 ISIRs centralizes and explains the flags and codes in a format that can be updated or supplemented as necessary.

We hope this guide will be useful to you in assisting students to interpret their processed application data and make corrections when necessary.


Jennifer Douglas
General Manager for Students
Office of Student Financial Assistance Programs

Last Modified: 01/31/2001