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(ANN-01-01) (ANN-01-01) Two new training workshops for 2001-2002-Delivery System/Application Processing and Packaging-are starting in February.

January 2001


SUMMARY: Two new training workshops for 2001-2002-Delivery System/Application Processing and Packaging-are starting in February.

Dear Partner:

SFA University is pleased to announce the first two training workshops for 2001-2002: Delivery System/Application Processing and Packaging in EDExpress. The sessions have been redesigned with your input, and we hope you enjoy the result. Part of the redesign will allow you to attend those portions of a session that best meet your individual needs.

EDExpress is free, SFA-developed software that allows you to process Title IV data electronically. These workshops will include training on the Global, Application Processing, and Packaging modules of 2001-2002 EDExpress.

What does the Delivery System workshop cover?

Delivery System/Application Processing is a one-day workshop divided into morning and afternoon topics. Participants may attend either the morning session, the afternoon session or both, if they choose.

Morning Session (Delivery System and Queries) topics focus on:

. Changes to FAFSA questions, worksheets, FAFSA on the Web

. Renewal FAFSA, SAR/ISIR redesign, and changes to CPS edits

. PINs and Electronic signatures

. What's new in EDExpress Global and Application Processing modules

. Developing Queries in EDExpress

Afternoon Session (Apps 101) topics focus on:

. Basic hands-on demos and exercises in EDExpress Application

. Processing

. Importing, managing, and correcting ISIRs

. Exporting data

Which session is best for me?

The morning session, with its overview of major changes for 2001-2002, has been specifically designed with the Advanced user in mind. The expanded training on Query Management, although designed for the more experienced users, will be helpful to both experienced EDExpress users and new users of the software.

The afternoon session is aimed at new EDExpress users and anyone interested in a refresher course in the basic EDExpress processes. This session will give you lots of hands-on software demonstrations and practice exercises.

Can I sign up for just one half-day session?

Yes. When you register for Delivery System/Application Processing, you can select whether you want to attend the entire day by registering for both morning and afternoon sessions or register for only the morning or the afternoon session. Participants are not required to attend both sessions. Read further to find out how to register.

What does EDExpress Packaging cover?

EDExpress Packaging is also a one-day workshop designed to help you package your students the easy way. We'll give you hands-on training in the EDExpress Packaging module and highlight the advantages of using this comprehensive packaging process. If you currently use a different packaging system, or if you're just thinking about automating the process, come see how EDExpress Packaging can work for you. Both the course and the software are free!

How do I register?

In some locations, the Delivery System/Application Processing and EDExpress Packaging workshops will be scheduled back to back. At other times, the workshops will be stand-alone. You must register for each session separately.

Click on to see the list of workshops and locations available for registration on January 11, 2001. You can also access the training web site at (select SFA Training in the left column).

All of our courses are free! You must register, however, and you will have to arrange and pay for your own transportation and hotels.

Stay tuned for future announcements about upcoming training from SFA University. We appreciate your participation in this training and hope you will find it useful.


Anne Teresa
SFA University

Last Modified: 01/11/2001