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(CB-00-14) Campus-Based Programs 2001-2002 FISAP Edit/Verification Process

Publication Date: November 2000

DCL ID: CB-00-14

Summary: Campus-Based Programs 2001-2002 FISAP Edit/Verification Process

November, 2000


SUBJECT: Campus-Based Programs 2001-2002 FISAP Edit/Verification Process

REFERENCE: The 2000-2001 SFA Handbook: Campus-Based Programs

Dear Partner:

We have completed the editing of your institution’s Fiscal Operations Report for 1999-2000 and Application to Participate for 2001-2002 (FISAP) for the Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and/or Federal Work-Study Programs.

Questions and Answers

Q. When will the edit verification be placed in my mailbox?

A. The edit report data file (FIDT02OP) was placed in your mailbox five days after we received your Electronic FISAP.

Q. How do I correct my FISAP data?

A. You must use the 2001-2002 FISAP for Windows software to update your FISAP data. Your careful review of the data and timely submission of corrections are critical to the calculation of your institution’s 2001-2002 funding level(s). Please address each error message, either by providing corrected data or justifying the original entry. If you provide a justification, it must be typed in the Additional Information tab of your FISAP software.

Q. Will I need to return an edit file if there are no changes?

A. Unless you are entering the amount for Perkins Loan cash on hand as of October 31, 2000, you will not need to return an edit file.

Q. Should I verify the FISAP data transmitted to TIVWAN?

A. You should verify that the data you received from us is the same data that was transmitted. You should print an Edit Compare Report when importing your edit file to determine whether to overwrite current FISAP data residing on your computer with the data contained in the Edit data file.

Q. Will I receive an acknowledgement for receipt of our edit file?

A. You will receive an edit acknowledgement (FEDA02OP) within 2 days of our receipt of your edit file. You will continue to receive an updated edit verification file from us for each corrected submission.

Q. When is the edit file due to the Department?

A. After you have verified the data, you must transmit your response via EDConnect no later than December 15, 2000. Your institution should keep the FISAP software installed after this date in case corrections to your FISAP are needed later.

Q. Why does my edit/verification report still show edit errors that I have already explained?

A. Due to the five-day turn around time for sending the edit/verification report to your school, we did not have enough time to review your school’s explanation(s). However, we will be contacting you if the explanation you sent is not acceptable and if it has an impact on your school’s funding for 2001-2002.

Q. Who should I contact if I require assistance?

A. If you require assistance in the verification and correction of your data, you may contact Dorothy Proctor at (202) 708-7746, or any of the following staff:

Rich Bennett

(202) 260-6074

Milton Thomas

(202) 708-9756

Judy Norris

(202) 708-9757

Sandra Donelson

(202) 708-9751

Harrison Bannister

(202) 708-5776

Pamela Wills

(202) 401-3293

Rhonda Herbert

(202) 708-9191

Robert Smith

(202) 358-4865

Joseph Morris

(202) 708-8745

Sherraine Green

(202) 708-5774

Richard Coppage

(202) 708-4694



Lois M. Moore

Acting Director

Campus Based Operations

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