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(CB-00-03) (CB-00-03) Information regarding your institution's final funding authorization under the Campus-Based Programs for the 2000-2001 award year.

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Summary: Information regarding your institution's final funding authorization under the Campus-Based Programs for the 2000-2001 award year.

MARCH 2000


SUMMARY: Information regarding your institution's final funding authorization under the
Campus-Based Programs for the 2000-2001 award year.

REFERENCE: The Student Financial Aid Handbook, Campus-Based Programs

The federal funds available for the 2000-2001 award year for the Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Work-Study (FWS), and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) programs are as follows:

Program: FWS
Amount: $ 934,000,000

Program: FSEOG
Amount: $ 621,000,000

Program: Federal Perkins Loan
Amount: $ 100,000,000

Questions & Answers

Q. How were the Campus-Based awards for my school determined?
A. Your final 2000-2001 funding levels have been determined in accordance with procedures contained in the:

1. Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), as amended; and
2. Section 34 CFR Part 673 of the Campus-Based Program Regulations.

You will find in your Student Aid Internet Gateway mailbox a copy of your institution's final funding worksheet for each program which shows the specific steps used to calculate your awards. For line by line worksheet instructions, refer to Dear Colleague CB-00-01 (January) posted on Ed's website

Q. What affect did returning more than 10 percent of my 1998-1999 allocation have on my 2000-2001 allocation?
A. The HEA requires that if an institution returns more than 10 percent of its Federal Perkins Loan, FWS, or FSEOG program allocation for an award year, the institution's allocation for that program will be reduced in the succeeding award year by the amount unexpended.

Q. How did my request for an underuse of funds waiver affect my allocation?
A. All institutions had an opportunity to request an underuse of funds waiver with their initial 2000-2001 FISAP submission. We have reviewed all waiver requests received and have mailed a separate letter to those institutions showing the Department's decision regarding their requests. Approved waivers are reflected for each program in the final funding worksheets and authorization letter.

There is a line item on each final funding worksheet to reflect the increased authorizations for some institutions resulting from our redistribution of the amounts withheld due to underuse of fund reductions for those institutions that either did not submit a waiver request or received a waiver denial.

Q. When will Campus-Based funds become available to my institution?
A. Your award letter and final funding worksheets will be sent by electronic file (message class FFIN01OP) by April 1, 2000. Federal funds for these programs will be posted into your institution's grantee account in the Department's Grant Administration and Payment Systems (GAPS) by July 1, 2000. Payments are to be withdrawn from your grantee account according to the procedures specified in the Department of Education Payee's Guide.

Q. Will there be additional FWS funds for the 2000-2001 Award Year?
A. With the exception of $3,000,000 earmarked for Work-Colleges participation, all of the $934,000,000 funds appropriated for the 2000-2001 Federal Work-Study Program have been distributed in the initial awarding process. Some institutions m distributed in the initial awarding process. Some institutions mation with specific qualifications is included in your FISAP software (Reallocation Form E40-4P).

Q. What is the purpose of the Federal Perkins Loan level of expenditure?
A. If your institution participates in the Federal Perkins Loan Program, the level of expenditure shown on your Perkins final funding worksheet represents the maximum amount the institution is authorized to expend from its loan fund for the 2000-2001 award year. If your institution wants to request an increase in its approved level of expenditure, you may write to the Area Case Director at the regional office that serves your state. A request to increase the authorized level of expenditure will not result in any increase to the Federal Capital Contribution allocation.

Q. Who can help me if I have questions?
A. If you have any questions regarding your 2000-2001 funding levels, please call (202) 708-7741 for assistance.


JoAnn Pease
Acting Team Leader
Campus-Based Operations

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