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(GEN-99-37) (GEN-99-37) Announcement of new Federal Family Education Loan/Direct Loan discharge forms

DCLPublicationDate: 12/1/99
DCLID: GEN-99-37
Summary: Announcement of new Federal Family Education Loan/Direct Loan discharge forms

December 2, 1999


Dear Guaranty Agency Director:

In April 1999 we issued a Dear Guaranty Agency Director letter approving the combined Federal Family Education Loan /Direct Loan program loan discharge forms. The five forms approved in that letter are used by borrowers to apply for a discharge of their student loan(s) due to school closure, false certification of ability to benefit, false certification (disqualifying status), unauthorized signature/payment, or total and permanent disability. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has changed the control number for the discharge forms from 1840-0707 to 1845-0015. Previously, Student Financial Assistance (SFA) forms were part of the Office of Postsecondary Education’s forms inventory under the OMB control number prefix of 1840. OMB has changed the inventory control number prefix for SFA forms to 1845. This letter serves as approval of the versions of the loan discharge forms with the new OMB control number.

Implementation and Transition to New Forms

Since the new OMB control number does not affect the content of these forms, guaranty agencies and lenders may implement them as their printing schedules permit. Please be reminded, however, that the revised version of the Total and Permanent Disability Cancellation Request form, sent to you November, 1999, which contained additional changes, must be implemented no later than January 1, 2000 (Please see Dear Guaranty Agency Director letter

Program participants are reminded that no changes to, deletions from, or additions to the prescribed language in these materials will be permitted. Printing instructions remain the same as when the discharge forms were originally distributed to the community.

Obtaining Copies for Reproduction

We have made arrangements to provide the necessary output for these forms. The revised discharge forms are available in PDF format on the Department’s IFAP web site at as attachments to this letter. The forms are also available on the NCHELP web site at Guaranty agencies are responsible for ensuring

Dear Guaranty Agency Director – Page 2

that the forms used by the agency are identical to the forms approved by the Secretary. No
changes may be made to the forms except those expressly authorized by the Department.


Jeff Baker, Director
Program Development Division

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