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(GEN-99-26) (GEN-99-26) Ordering bulk quantities of 2000-2001 Application Materials

DCLPublicationDate: 9/1/99
DCLID: GEN-99-26
Summary: Ordering bulk quantities of 2000-2001 Application Materials

September 1999


SUBJECT: Ordering bulk quantities of 2000-2001 Application Materials

Dear Partner,

We are pleased to announce that our Web-based ordering system is available for ordering supplies of 2000-2001 application materials. You can access the system from our “Information for Financial Aid Professionals” (IFAP) web site by selecting Bulk Publication Ordering System from the list of links on the left-hand side of the IFAP main page. Please remember that you will need your school's OPEID number to place an order.

Materials available for ordering are:

· The 2000-2001 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in English and Spanish.

We will begin shipping English FAFSAs in late September. We will ship them as quantities arrive from the printer, sequenced by the dates orders were placed (rather than by geographic region). You will be able to check the Bulk Publication Ordering System Web site to see when your order was shipped. Once it is shipped, please allow 2-6 working days for delivery. We expect to begin shipping Spanish FAFSAs in mid-November.

· The Student Guide: A booklet that gives comprehensive information on our student assistance programs, application procedures, eligibility requirements, etc. We expect to begin shipping Student Guides in early November.

· Funding Your Education: A booklet that provides a more abbreviated version of the information in the Student Guide. It is intended primarily for high school students. We expect to begin shipping Funding Your education in early November

You may view the 1999-2000 versions of the
Student Guide and Funding Your Education by clicking on their titles in this sentence.

This year, we are asking for your help in encouraging students to make use of our electronic informationand services. We have developed a Web Site Brochure promoting the three web sites we think will be of the most use to students:

· for FAFSA on the Web

·, which contains the Student Guide, Funding Your Education, and numerous links to other information resources, and

·, which students can use to request a Personal Identification Number, or PIN (currently called the Electronic Access Code, or EAC). The PIN can be used as an electronic signature for a variety of Internet transactions, including FAFSA, Renewal FAFSA, and Corrections on the Web, and for accessing the National Student Loan Data System. This site is available now for students, and will be available for parents in the spring of 2000. We will be providing additional information about this site in the future.

We would appreciate your ordering supplies of this brochure, making it available to your students, and encouraging them to take advantage of Student Financial Assistance web services. Supplies of the brochure will be available in early October.
A Portable Document Format (PDF) file of the Web Site Brochure appears at the bottom of this Announcement. It can be viewed with version 3.0 or greater of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

If you have ideas for additional steps that we can take to encourage students to use our electronic services, please e-mail your suggestions to and use the heading, “Web Services.”

Thank you for making these materials available to students who may need financial assistance to continue their education.


William Ryan
Aid Awareness
Student Financial Assistance

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