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(CB-97-16) (CB-97-16) Cover letter for 1998-99 FISAP Edit/Verification Process

DCLPublicationDate: 11/1/97
DCLID: CB-97-16
Summary: Cover letter for 1998-99 FISAP Edit/Verification Process

REFERENCE: This letter supplements the information in Chapter 5,
Section 3 of the 1997-98 Federal Student Financial Aid Handbook.

Dear Financial Aid Administrator:

We have completed the editing of your institution's 1996-97 Fiscal
Operations Report/1998-99 Application to Participate (FISAP) for the
Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity
Grant and/or Federal Work-Study Programs.

Enclosed is a FISAP edit/verification diskette containing data you
submitted on your institution's FISAP. Your careful review of the
data on the enclosed diskette and the timely submission of any
corrections to these data, along with the Edit/Verification Signature
Page, are critical to the calculation of your institution's 1998-99
funding levels for these programs. Instructions for the proper review
and correction of data are contained in the FISAP User Guide, Section
3, that was mailed to your institution in August along with your
institution's FISAP diskette. Please address each error message listed
on your data diskette, either by providing corrected data or an
explanation to justify the original entry. Your explanation should be
typed on your additional information electronic screen.

After you have verified the data on the enclosed diskette, please
respond within two weeks of receipt, if possible. However, we must
receive your response postmarked no later than December 5, 1997. If
you are sending corrected data via a modem, the transmission must
also be completed by December 5, 1997. All changes/corrections
must be accompanied by your signed Edit/Verification Signature Page
and mailed to:

c/o Universal Automation Labs
8300 Colesville Road, 5th Floor
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

The signed signature page must be returned even when there are no
corrections or changes being made. The edit signature page can be
printed from the data diskette software.

If you require assistance in the verification and correction of the
enclosed data, please call the Campus-Based Financial Management
Specialist for your state.


Michele Selvage
Director Institutional Financial
Management Division



Mrs. C. Franklin-Jones (202) 708-9183 AL,AK,AZ,CO,CT,
alternate -Carolyn Short DE,GA,KY,RI,VT

Mrs. Rhonda Herbert (202) 708-9191 AR,DC,HI,TN,
alternate -Jim Porter TX,VA,PI,GU

Mrs. Mary Hubbard (202) 708-9230 OK
alternate -Mrs. Rhonda Herbert

Mr. Joseph Morris (202) 708-8745 ID,IL,IN,IA,KS,MO
alternate -Alice Payne

Ms. Dinah Nelson (202) 708-8759 FL,MS,OH,PA
alternate -Vicki Roberson

Mrs. Alice Payne (202) 708-9754 CA,SC
alternate -Joseph Morris

Mr. Jim Porter (202) 708-7752 NC,ND,OR,SD,
alternate -Rhonda Herbert WA,WV,WI,WY

Ms. Vicki Roberson (202) 708-7747 LA,ME,MD,
alternate -Dinah Nelson MA,MI,MN,MT

Ms. Carolyn Short (202) 708-9184 NE,NV,NH,NJ,NM,NY,
alternate -C. Franklin-Jones PR,UT,VI

Financial Management Specialist Fax(202) 260-0522
(202) 401-0387

If ultimately you are unable to reach your Financial Management
Specialist at the above telephone number, you may call the alternate
identified below the name of your Financial Management
Specialist or call (202) 708-7741.

Last Modified: 10/31/1997