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(ANN-97-13) (ANN-97-13) Electronic Aid Office Training

DCLPublicationDate: 9/1/97
DCLID: ANN-97-13
Summary: Electronic Aid Office Training

September 1997


Summary: Electronic Aid Office Training

Dear Colleague:

In the Spring of 1998, the U. S Department of Education will begin
offering training on the "Electronic Aid Office" at its ten Regional
Training Facilities. This ED-sponsored, hands-on computer training
will cover such topics as the new requirements for using ED
electronic processes, and the use of various ED-developed software
and services, such as EDConnect, NetConnect, the SFA-BBS,
FAFSA on the Web, NSLDS, and EDCAPS.

We realize that some schools may find it difficult or impossible to
travel to a regional training facility, and would prefer to attend a
session closer to home. The Department is willing to offer this
training off-site at up to 50 additional facilities. If your school has a
computer lab available, and would like to act as a host site for one or
more sessions of this training, we will make every effort to send a
team of ED trainers to conduct this two-day training at your school
for your staff and staff from neighboring schools.

If you are interested in hosting one or more ED training sessions on
the electronic aid office, or if you want more information about
hosting a session this spring, please contact our training contractor
at: (FAX number: 202-659-4370). Please
designate a contact person in your message.

Thank you for your interest in helping the Department provide
increased training opportunities for the financial aid community.


Elizabeth M. Hicks
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Student Financial Assistance Programs

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