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(ANN-97-12) (ANN-97-12) Invitation to order bulk quantities of the following1998-99 student aid application materials: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

DCLPublicationDate: 9/1/97
DCLID: ANN-97-12
Summary: Invitation to order bulk quantities of the following1998-99 student aid application materials: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

September 1997



Dear Colleague:

This letter is your invitation to order bulk quantities of the following
1998-99 student aid application materials: the Free Application for
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the Spanish-language version of the
FAFSA, and the Student Guide, which provides information about
the Department's student aid programs. Again this year, our automated
Application Ordering System (AOS), is available for your use. You
may call this system at any time, 24 hours a day, to place your order
using your Title IV School Code Number (that number appears at the
upper left corner of the address label on this letter). Simply call
1-800-284-2788 and follow the recorded instructions. You may call
the system back at any time to check your order(s). We will also send
you a postcard acknowledging your order.

We will begin mailing the 1998-99 FAFSA to schools in early
October. You can check the mailing date for your order by calling
our automated phone system (1-800-284-2788). We expect all
FAFSA orders for postsecondary schools to be mailed by the end of
October. If you have not received your order within four weeks of
your mailing date, please let us know and we will arrange for a
replacement shipment. You may advise us of delivery problems by
calling our special customer service number, 1-800-394-7084, during
working hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday-Friday). Please
note that the Spanish-language FAFSA and Student Guide are
printed after the FAFSA and are mailed separately.

order of the Student Guide to no more than the total number of
students who apply for financial aid at your school. Please bear in
mind that this is a relatively expensive publication, and we cannot
afford to provide unlimited quantities to postsecondary schools. A
publication as detailed and extensive as the Student Guide should not
be offered through general mailings that may be duplicated by other
schools. We do not have a fixed order limit for the Guide, but we
hope that each school will find the most efficient way to distribute
the Guide to its students. For instance, if your school provides
Internet access to its students, you may wish to publicize the Web
site for the Guide to enrolled students (the on-line Student Guide can
be found at

USING SCHOOL CODE ADDRESSES... For the third year in a
row, we will be using your school code address for bulk orders. Your
school code address is the address that is printed in the Title IV
School Code List publication.

If your school has several branch campuses with their own school
code numbers, please coordinate with those branches to make sure
that your orders are not duplicative.

SPECIAL REQUESTS... There may be circumstances where you
need to contact the ordering system staff for assistance. We have
established a special customer service number for application orders.
You may call this number, 1-800-394-7084, during working hours
(9 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday-Friday) if you have special
needs that are not addressed by the automated ordering system. For
instance, for security reasons, the ordering system will not allow
callers to change orders, and it only will accept one order for a
particular product within a 30-day period. Should you decide to
cancel an order, or if you decide you need to increase your original
order before 30 days have elapsed, please contact the AOS customer
service staff at 1-800-394-7084.

A NOTE ABOUT FAFSA ORDERS... Fully 50 percent of all
1997-98 transactions processed will be the result of Renewal
applications and electronic applications, rather than the paper
FAFSA. Please keep this statistic in mind when you place your order
for 1998-99 FAFSAs.

We appreciate your assistance in making these materials available to
students who may need financial aid to continue their education.


William J. Ryan
Director, Training and
Program Information Division

Last Modified: 08/31/1997