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(ANN-97-02) (ANN-97-02) This letter describes a training series on the 1997-98 EDExpress for Windows application processing software, and lists the sites and dates for the workshops.

DCLPublicationDate: 2/1/97
Summary: This letter describes a training series on the 1997-98 EDExpress for Windows application processing software, and lists the sites and dates for the workshops.

Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to announce a series of workshops on the l997-98
EDExpress for Windows application processing software. These
workshops are sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education's
Student Financial Assistance Programs, and will take place in March,
April and May l997 in the U.S. Department of Education's Regional
Training Facilities.

EDE, the Department's Electronic Data Exchange, is the service that
allows schools to electronically process Title IV financial aid data.
EDExpress is the software developed by ED to aid schools in those
processes. These upcoming workshops will provide training on the
application processing function of the new "student-based" 1997-98
EDExpress for Windows software.


This training is intended for financial aid personnel who have
day-to-day responsibility for electronic application processing and
other electronic functions. To better meet the needs of these
personnel, the training will be divided into sessions for new users of
EDE and/or EDExpress, and sessions for current or experienced
users of EDExpress. Please review the daily outlines below to
determine which day will better meet your specific training needs.


Day One will introduce new users to the concepts of the Electronic
Data Exchange and will demonstrate application processing in
EDExpress for Windows. This session will benefit those who are not
yet enrolled or who have recently enrolled in EDE, as well as those
who are new to EDExpress software.

Topics for Day One will include:

° Getting started in EDE;

° Enrollment procedures for the Title IV Wide Area Network
(TIVWAN); and

° Computer based training (simulation software) in EDExpress for
Windows application processing, including institution setup,
entering electronic FAFSAs transmitting data through
EDconnect for Windows, retrieving Institutional Student
Information Records (ISIRs), and electronic financial aid data


Day Two will provide current users and/or experienced users of
EDExpress with hands-on training in the actual EDExpress for
Windows application processing software. This session will benefit
those who have previously used either the DOS or Windows version
of EDExpress. Topics for Day Two will include:

° Introduction to the new "student-based" application processing
software, including changes, updates and new features; and

° Hands-on exercises in setup, application entry, importing and
exporting using EDconnect for Windows, ISIR processing, and
data management. All exercises will be conducted using the
actual EDExpress for Windows software.

Although Day Two is designed for experienced users, those new
users completing Day One training and desiring hands-on experience
with the software may be interested in registering for Day Two
training as well.


The training will be held in the Department of Education's Regional
Training Facilities, as indicated in the enclosed training schedule.
Since this is computer training, the size of the classes is limited, and
registration is absolutely required. Registration is on a first-come,
first-served basis, and, due to limited space, participation by any one
institution is limited to four persons. Trainees should register for the
appropriate training session using the enclosed form. Registration
will be confirmed.

This training is free of charge, although participants should arrange
and pay for their own transportation, meals and lodging. If you have
any questions about the training please call one of the contact
persons listed on the enclosed schedule.

ED plans to offer additional training on the l997-98 EDE Direct
Loan and Packaging software beginning in late April. Please watch
for additional training announcements which are mailed to your
school and posted on the SFA Bulletin Board System (BBS).

On behalf of the Student Financial Assistance Programs, we look
forward to your participation in this training series.


Elizabeth M. Hicks
Deputy Assistant Secretary
for Student Financial Assistance

Last Modified: 01/31/1997