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(SG-96-01) 1996-97 release of our FAFSA Express software

DCLPublicationDate: 2/1/96
DCLID: SG-96-1
Summary: 1996-97 release of our FAFSA Express software

February 1996


Dear State Agency Director:

The U.S. Department of Education will begin distributing the
1996-97 release of our FAFSA Express software in February.
FAFSA Express is a free software package that allows a student to
complete and transmit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA) using a PC and modem. We are very excited about the
software's ability to help students avoid errors and problems in
applying for Federal student aid.

We believe that high schools are an ideal place for students to apply
for Federal student aid using FAFSA Express, and we hope that you
will help us publicize the software and perhaps distribute it to
individual high schools. If you are interested in working with us on
distributing FAFSA Express to high schools in your state, please
send a fax to the FAFSA Express Coordinator at (202) 401-1637,
and we will call you to discuss the options. We can also furnish an
article or brochures that state the advantages of applying for Federal
student aid electronically, the PC requirements for running the
software, and how high schools can receive this free software.

We are distributing FAFSA Express to public libraries, Educational
Opportunity Centers, colleges, and individuals, and would be interested in
hearing if you are aware of other kinds of community centers that would be
appropriate places for student to use this software. Also, if someone
else in your state would be a more appropriate contact for distributing
FAFSA Express, please pass this letter along to him or her, or fax the
information to us.

Thank you for your assistance and support. We look forward to
working with you to support the FAFSA Express project to benefit
both students and the education community.


Jeanne B. Saunders
Director, Application and
Pell Processing Systems Division

Internet Address (software can be downloaded):

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