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(CB-96-03) (CB-96-03) This letter contains important information regarding 1996-97 Campus-Based Program funding.

DCLPublicationDate: 2/1/96
DCLID: CB-96-3
Summary: This letter contains important information regarding
1996-97 Campus-Based Program funding.

February 1996

Summary: This letter contains important information regarding
1996-97 Campus-Based Program funding.

Dear Financial Aid Administrator:

Enclosed are the tentative awards for the Campus-Based Programs
for the 1996-97 award year. Please be aware that we are issuing
these tentative awards during a period of uncertainty about the final
outcome of the fiscal year 1996 appropriation for the Department of
Education, including the Campus-Based Programs.

The Department is operating under a continuing resolution (P.L. 104-
99) that expires on March 15, 1996. Consequently, we are advising
you that the amount of your final Campus-Based Program awards
due to be issued in April may change substantially, depending upon
the legislative action decided by the Congress, when the current
continuing resolution expires.

Tentative allocations for the Federal Work-Study and Federal
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant programs are being
made at this time because the House-passed appropriations bill (HR
2127) and the Senate Appropriations Committee bill include
identical amounts for these programs for the 1996-97 award year.
We have not included any new Federal Capital Contribution for the
Perkins Loan Program in your tentative awards because the House-
passed fiscal year 1996 appropriation bill includes no funding for
Perkins capital. The President requested $158 million for this
purpose and the Department will work with Congress to attempt to
obtain funding for this program.

If the Department is operating under another temporary continuing
resolution when final awards are issued, the amount of your program
award will reflect that partial year funding. That is, your final award
will bear (approximately) the same proportion to your tentative
award as the number of days covered by the temporary funding
measures to 366. For example, if the Department is operating under
a temporary funding measure that extends our spending authority
through April 30, 1996, the amount of your award will be
approximately 58 percent of your full-year award. If this should
occur, we will issue subsequent awards if full-year funding is

Page 2 - Dear Financial Aid Administrator

Underutilization Waiver Request

The Department has changed the underutilization of funds waiver
request deadline and addresses listed in the enclosed Dear Financial
Aid Administrator letter. The signed waiver request along with any
supporting information must be postmarked by March 4, 1996.
Waiver requests and any supporting documentation submitted after
the above deadline date will not be considered. For more
information regarding requirements of a waiver request for the under
use of campus-based funds, refer to the Dear Financial Aid
Administrator letter under the heading "Reduced Allocations." You
may fax your request to Ms. Sandra Donelson at (202) 401-0387 or
mail it to her attention at:

Institutional Financial Management Division
U.S. Department of Education
P.O. Box 23781
Washington, D.C. 20026-0781

The Department appreciates your patience, cooperation and
assistance in making Campus-Based aid available to students. If you
have any questions, please direct them to your financial analyst as
listed in the Dear Financial Aid Administrator letter, CB-96-1.


Elizabeth M. Hicks

Last Modified: 01/31/1996