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(CB-96-02) (CB-96-02) Submission of Campus-Based Reallocation Form (E40-4P).

DCLPublicationDate: 1/1/96
DCLID: CB-96-2
Summary: Submission of Campus-Based Reallocation Form (E40-4P).

January 1996

CB-96-2 (LD)

SUBJECT: Submission of Campus-Based Reallocation Form

REFERENCE: Supplement to Chapter 7 of the Federal Student
Financial Aid Handbook.

Dear Financial Aid Administrator:

We have not received a Campus-Based Reallocation Form (E40-4P)
from your institution that reflects your institution's 1994-95
expenditures in the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program for
community service jobs. We originally requested this form by a
postmark date of November 3, 1995.

Each institution that participated in the FWS Program during the
1994-95 award year is required to expend a minimum of 5 percent of
its total 1994-95 FWS Federal funds to pay students employed in
community service jobs. The appropriate vehicle for reporting your
institution's compliance with this requirement is the E40-4P form.

You MUST complete and submit the E40-4P form if your institution
participated in the FWS Program for the 1994-95 award year.
According to our records, your institution received such an allocation
and, therefore, is required to inform the Department of Education of
your institution's community service activity. You MUST report to
ED even if your expenditures were zero or some other amount below
the 5 percent requirement.

We have enclosed another copy of the form for your use. Please
complete and return it to the address indicated on the form no later
than February 26, 1996.

If you have questions regarding these procedures, please direct them
to the appropriate Campus-Based State Representative listed at the
back of the enclosed document.


Michele L. Selvage
Director, Institutional Financial Management Division
Accounting and Financial Management Service


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