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(CB-95-11) (CB-95-11) Transmittal letter for the 1996-97 Electronic FISAP diskette package.

DCLPublicationDate: 7/1/95
DCLID: CB-95-11
Summary: Transmittal letter for the 1996-97 Electronic FISAP diskette package.

JULY 1995

SUBJECT: Transmittal letter for the 1996-97 Electronic FISAP
diskette package.

REFERENCE: Chapters 5, 6, 7, & 8 of the Student Financial Aid

Dear Financial Aid Administrator:

Enclosed are materials that are essential for the proper
preparation and submission of the 1994-95 Fiscal Operations
Report and 1996-97 Application to Participate (FISAP) in the
Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Educational
Opportunity Grant, and Federal Work-Study programs, as follows:

1. Three diskettes (3 1/2" or 5 1/4")

- one PROGRAM diskette
- one DATA diskette
- one RETURN diskette

NOTE: Institutions that are using high density diskettes
will have only the following two diskettes in their
Electronic FISAP package:

- one PROGRAM/DATA diskette
- one RETURN diskette

2. Diskette Mailer

3. Pre-addressed Mailing Label

4. Electronic FISAP User Guide Replacement Pages

5. FISAP Instructions Booklet

6. Drug-Free Workplace, Anti-Lobbying, and Debarment
Certifications Form (ED Form 80-0013) for 1996-97
(referred to collectively as "compliance certifications")

This year's Electronic FISAP diskette version (3 1/2" or 5 1/4")
requires at least 640K of installed internal memory (with at
least 512K available for Electronic FISAP) AND a DOS version of
3.1 or higher.

The size of the diskettes included in your Electronic FISAP
package is either the same as you used last year, or the size you
requested as a change from last year. (Note: The Department of
Education no longer provides a Dual Floppy version of the
Electronic FISAP).


1. Complete FISAP submissions

A complete FISAP submission consists of 3 items:

- FISAP data (diskette or transmitted via modem)
- FISAP signature page printed from your ..
diskette (original signatures)
- Compliance certifications form (original signature)

2. FISAP Edit/Verification

Your acknowledgement that the Department of Education has
entered your institution's FISAP into our data base for
processing will be your receipt of a FISAP edit/verification
document this fall. If you do not receive it by December 1,
1995, please call one of our campus-based state
representatives. Tentative 1996-97 funding notifications
will be mailed to all applicant institutions by February 1,

3. Reporting of Federal Authorizations in Parts III, IV and V

If your institution released any 1994-95 unexpended
authorization earlier this summer on the Campus-Based
Reallocation Form (E40-4P), and you have not yet received an
adjusted 1994-95 authorization letter showing that
reduction, enter the amount of that reduced authorization amount
in Parts III, IV and/or V of your FISAP, as appropriate.
Your final adjusted authorizationwill equal the original 1994-95
allocation plus any supplemental allocations minus any amount
released in Section A of the ED Form E40-4P.

If your school received 1993-94 supplemental funds to assist
Midwest flood victims and moved any of that unused money
into the 1994-95 Award Year, you must report those funds on
your 1994-95 fiscal operations report. Please refer to the
June 1994 "Dear Financial Aid Administrator" letter (CB-94-
14 (LD)) for further information.

If your school received any 1994-95 supplemental funds to
assist students adversely affected by the 1994 summer floods
in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia; or if you received 1994-95
supplemental funds to aid Southern California Earthquake
victims, you should report those supplemental funds on your
1994-95 fiscal operations report.

Please refer to the User Guide for complete mailing instructions.
Your Electronic FISAP must be submitted (mailed or transmitted)
by September 29, 1995.

Any questions which you might have concerning the preparation of
the FISAP should be referred to the appropriate campus-based
state representative listed in the FISAP Instructions Booklet.
Questions concerning submission of the data should be referred to
one of the Electronic FISAP Administrators.

Sincerely yours,

Elizabeth M. Hicks
Deputy Assistant Secretary
for Student Financial Assistance


Last Modified: 06/30/1995