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(GEN-95-07) (GEN-95-07) Distribution of the 1995 Winter Training Calendar

DCLPublicationDate: 1/1/95
Summary: Distribution of the 1995 Winter Training Calendar

January 1995

SUMMARY: Distribution of the 1995 Winter Training Calendar

Dear Colleague:

Enclosed is the 1995 Winter Training Calendar, which lists
student financial aid training offered by state agencies,
professional associations, and other student aid-related
organizations. These calendars are sent four times a year to
financial aid administrators, fiscal officers, and TRIO
directors at all participating Title IV schools.

The calendar lists training sessions that will be conducted
nationwide this winter. Further information on these and
similar activities that may be scheduled at later dates may be
obtained from the contact listed for a given session or from
the sponsoring associations and agencies.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of all training
activities that will assist your institution in the effective
management of student assistance programs. We are pleased to
provide these calendars through the cooperation of the
agencies, associations, and organizations involved.

We hope that this information will be useful to you in your
staff development efforts. For additional information about a
specific training session, please call the contact person
listed in the last column on the calendar. If you provide
training on issues of general interest to the financial aid
community and would like your training listed, please contact
Ms. Scarlett Brock at (202) 260-1928.


William L. Moran
Director, Student Financial
Assistance Programs


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