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Session #47 - FFEL/Direct Loan/Perkins - Policy Issues of Interest to Schools

Posted Date:January 28, 2005

Presentation Title: Session #47 - FFEL/Direct Loan/Perkins - Policy Issues of Interest to Schools

Conference Dates: 2004-11-01 to 2004-12-03

Type: ED Conferences

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This session will focus on recent and ongoing policy issues that affect school administrators in their work with student applicants and borrowers; including loan-based late disbursement issues, dealing with borrowers who have applied for or received total and permanent disability discharges or bankruptcy discharges, the exercise of professional judgment in reducing loan amounts or declining to certify loan applications, Heroes Bill-authorized waivers of regulations and statute to assist military personnel and other issues related to their ongoing deployment, and assignment of Perkins loans.

The attached presentation is in Portable Document Format (PDF), 28 pages, 283KB and also in MS Power Point (PPT), 48 pages, 479KB.

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