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Session #23 EDExpress/COD Processing from an EDEpress V10.1 Pell Perspective

Posted Date:January 15, 2004

Presentation Title: Session #23 EDExpress/COD Processing from an EDEpress V10.1 Pell Perspective

Conference Dates: 2003-11-02 to 2003-12-05

Type: ED Conferences

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Are you wondering what updates will be incorporated into EDExpress in your second year as a COD Full Participant? Do you want to know how the Disbursement Profile code can assist you in streamlining Disbursement entry? This session will cover the helpful enhancements made to the Setup, Origination, and Disbursement screens, and to the Import-External, Print, and other functions. You will learn how EDExpress Pell takes the guesswork out of awarding federal Pell Grant funds to your students, and how built-in edits help you adhere to federal regulations. If you only use EDExpress to process Pell Grants, or you use EDExpress in combination with another software or mainframe system, you will definitely want to attend this session. A question and answer period will follow.

The attached presentation is in Portable Document Format (PDF) 494KB, 45 pages and also in MS Power Point (PPT), 487 KB, 45 pages.

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