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Session #01 - The SAIG Tools: EDconnect and TDCommunity Manager Tool

Posted Date:December 10, 2003

Presentation Title: Session #01 - The SAIG Tools: EDconnect and TDCommunity Manager Tool

Conference Dates: 2003-11-02 to 2003-12-05

Type: ED Conferences

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This session will enhance your ability to transmit financial aid data to the Department of Education, FAST and EFFICIENTLY! This hands-on session will teach you how to use EDconnect v.5.3 and will include enhancements and usability of the software. This session will also demonstrate how to manage your SAIG mailbox with the Transmission Delivery Community Manager (TDCM) Web tool! This online tool allows you to monitor, sort, and filter your files in your SAIG mailbox and it has many other features.

The attached presentation is in Portable Document Format (PDF), 357KB, 12 pages and also in MS Power Point (PPT), 1.68MB, 12 pages.

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