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General Session: Loan Repayment

Posted Date:December 9, 2003

Presentation Title: General Session: Loan Repayment

Conference Dates: 2003-11-02 to 2003-12-05

Type: ED Conferences

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We helped put America through school - now let's help our students through successful repayment. This session underscores the key stages in the repayment cycle of student loans. Learn how you can assist your students in transitioning and maintaining successful repayment. One of the most critical elements of successful repayment is communication. By helping your students understand what lies ahead in repayment, you can help them avoid the pitfalls of delinquency and default. This session will cover various topics, including the impact of interest capitalization, characteristics of delinquent and defaulted borrowers, and tools that are available for borrowers to avoid delinquency and for schools to decrease their default rates.

The attached presentation is in Portable Document Format (PDF), 530 KB, 36 pages and also in MS Power Point (PPT), 588KB, 36 pages.

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