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Session #03 - FFEL/Direct Loan Cohort Default Rates

Title: 2003 Spring Conference

Conference Dates: 2003-03-05 to 2003-03-07

Type: ED Conferences

Presentation Title: Session #03 - FFEL/Direct Loan Cohort Default Rates

Posted on 03-20-2003

This session offers an overview of the FFEL/Direct Loan school cohort default rate (CDR) processes. We will explain how the Department calculates each school's CDR and how it notifies each school of the CDR. We also will discuss the new eCDR delivery process through the Student Aid Internet Gateway, as well as challenge/adjustment/appeal options available to schools and the tools available to monitor cohort default rates.

The attached presentation is in Portable Document Format (PDF), 40 pages, 1,795KB and also in MS97 PowerPoint (PPT),