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General Capstone Session: Repayment of Title IV Loans

Posted Date:March 13, 2003

Presentation Title: General Capstone Session: Repayment of Title IV Loans

Conference Dates: 2002-11-04 to 2002-12-06

Type: ED Conferences

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This presentation sets the context for the session on repayment issues by reviewing the entire process of repayment for Title IV loans: starting repayment, establishing or changing a repayment plan, exercising options that result in a break in repayment, understanding what happens as a result of a borrower's delinquency in payment, and dealing with default. This review will show the various players in the process and their roles in the full cycle of repayment: borrower, schools, Department of Education (Federal Student Aid), guaranty agencies, lenders, secondary markets, collection agencies, credit bureaus, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Health and Human Services, Immigration and Naturalization Service, U.S. Department of Justice, credit counseling services, and other. The goal is to have a clear understanding of the full range of options and activities related to repayment and who is responsible for each step in the process for all Title IV loans.

The attached presentation is in Portable Document Format (PDF), 17.6MB and also in MS PowerPoint (PPT), 16.3MB.

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