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General Capstone Session: Student Aid Awareness/Application Processing System

Posted Date:March 3, 2003

Presentation Title: General Capstone Session: Student Aid Awareness/Application Processing System

Conference Dates: 2002-11-04 to 2002-12-06

Type: ED Conferences

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FSA's Student Aid Awareness staff will introduce you to recent successes in partnering with outside organizations to raise awareness of student aid among their members and target populations. You also will learn about new publications for your students, as well as a new Web site called the Students Portal, which guides the students through the financial aid "lifecycle." FSA's Application Processing staff will highlight major changes and enhancements to the 2003-2004 application processing system, including how a new e-mail address field on the paper FAFSA will help us to communicate electronically with even more of our student aid applicants. The session also will cover the new streamlined FAFSA on the Web application for students who qualify for an Automatic Zero EFC and the Simplified Needs Test. You'll learn about real-time Web corrections for students and financial aid administrators, and about enhancements we're making to FSA's newest Web application product for financial aid administrators. - FAA Access to the CPS Online. Come hear about these exciting changes, plus more.

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