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Session #49 - CommonLine for Alternative Loans

Posted Date:January 16, 2003

Presentation Title: Session #49 - CommonLine for Alternative Loans

Conference Dates: 2002-11-04 to 2002-12-06

Type: ED Conferences

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In 1995, CommonLine participants established standard procedures and software to allow the electronic exchange of loan processing data for FFELP loans. In 1996, CommonLine was improved to support private, non-Title IV (alternative) loans. As CommonLine has evolved over the years, alternative loan processing has remained a key part of that standard. This session will focus on using the CommonLine standard for electronic processing of alternative loans.

The attached presentation is in Portable Document Format (PDF), 14 pages, 158K and also in MS97 PowerPoint (PPT), 14 pages, 297K.

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