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Session #43 - The Meteor Project

Posted Date:January 15, 2003

Presentation Title: Session #43 - The Meteor Project

Conference Dates: 2002-11-04 to 2002-12-06

Type: ED Conferences

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Today, customers often need help navigating the sea of information on student loans and data. Through Meteor, you can act as their lighthouse to guide them to that data. We will discuss how Meteor's approach to data access builds upon existing technologies and initiatives within the FFELP industry, to deliver real-time access to data for the financial aid professional and eventually to borrowers. We will focus on the functionality, standards, and implementation steps needed by potential Access and Data Providers to install and implement Meteor.

The attached presentation is in Portable Document Format (PDF), 38 pages, 456K and also in MS97 PowerPoint (PPT), 38 pages, 684KB.

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