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Session #44 - The Verification Selection Process

Title: 2002 Spring Conference

Conference Dates: 2002-03-06 to 2002-03-06

Type: ED Conferences

Presentation Title: Session #44 - The Verification Selection Process

Hear how the Department has improved the verification selection criteria and process for 2002-2003 using data from an income comparison study that was recently conducted with the IRS, and from the Quality Assurance program. A general overview of how the verification criteria are developed each year, how total error in Pell Grant award amounts is estimated based on projected student error, and how schools can use the new verification tracking field on their Institutional Student Information Records (ISIR) to prioritize whom they will verify.

The attached presentation is in Portable Document Format (PDF), 27 pages, 15,341KB and also in MS97 PowerPoint (PPT), 27 pages 417KB.

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