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Session #24 - Direct Loan Processing Changes for 2002-2003

Title: 2002 Spring Conference

Conference Dates: 2002-03-06 to 2002-03-08

Type: ED Conferences

Presentation Title: Session #24 - Direct Loan Processing Changes for 2002-2003

This session explains the processing changes in the Direct Loan program for the 2002-2003 award year. You'll learn about changes to record layouts, changes to edit codes, and techniques to prevent errors. This is your opportunity to ask questions about Common Record processing, closeout of prior years, and to provide ideas on changes for 2003-04.

The attached presentation is in Portable Document Format (PDF), 39 pages, 21,366KB and also in MS97 PowerPoint (PPT), 39 pages 3,763KB.

Last Modified: 03/26/2002