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First draft of the 2008-2009 Student Aid Report (SAR) is available for public comment

Award Year: 2008-2009

Section: --First draft of the 2008-2009 Student Aid Report (SAR) is available for public comment

Page Numbers: 12

Posted on 08-14-2007

We are pleased to provide you with a draft of the 2008-2009 Student Aid Report (SAR) and SAR Acknowledgment.

The Department has made changes to the 2008-2009 SAR to enable students to more readily determine 1) the status of their FAFSA (complete or incomplete); 2) their eligibility (or ineligibility) for a Federal Pell Grant; and 3) their next steps. On the paper SAR, the top of page one (the masthead) is modified with the addition of “Start Here. Go Further.”; the applicant’s Data Release Number (DRN) and Expected Family Contribution (EFC) have been spelled out to assist students in better understanding what those items mean; and the body of the SAR has been changed from three sections to two as indicated below:

2007-2008 Format: 2008-2009 Format:
Section 1: You (the student) Section 1: Student Aid Report Status
Section 2: U.S. Department of Education Section 2: Federal Student Aid Eligibility
Section 3: School(s)

The Department believes that the changes reflected in the 2008-2009 format will enable students (and parents) to more quickly determine their current status and the next steps in the process. This is facilitated by the use of check boxes by important items or issues that need to be addressed (evident on both page 1 and page 3 of the SAR). As in 2006-2007, the SAR will be formatted to allow machine reading of data with imaging and scanning technology. The order of the data elements is the same as the order on the 2007-2008 FAFSA. The FAA Information section will continue to help Financial Aid Administrators find information about a student's eligibility in one place and the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) section will continue to display aggregate amounts with standard text regarding repayments.

The SAR will be printed on orange paper and will, as in previous years, be in a letter format to provide information about the student's eligibility status, verification requirements and information on how to correct any assumptions made during processing.

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Last Modified: 08/13/2007