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Fafsa 0405DraftFAFSA.html

Award Year: 2004-2005

Type: DRAFT FAFSA Form/Instructions

Posted on 06-10-2003

The updated draft of the 2004-2005 FAFSA is available for comment. A Federal Register Notice announcing the 30-day comment period was posted on June 4. We incorporated input we received during the previous comment period into the attached FAFSA draft.

Below are some of the key changes made from the previous draft FAFSA posting:

· Redesigned layout of information to help identify the information contained on the page. (page 1)

· Notes for questions 37 and 75 updated value of exemption based on IRS draft forms (page 2)

· Notes for questions 43-45, added question number references to the instructions explaining which investments not to include. (page 2)

· Question 13, added instructions to clarify use of e-mail address. (page 3)

· Moved enrollment question to step six (page 3)

· Added questions 27 and 28 regarding interest in student loans and work-study (page 3)

· Questions 29 and 30 were expanded from one question to two-asking for father’s and mother’s highest school completed. (page 3)

· Added questions 59, 60, 63, and 64 for parents’ first initial and dates-of-birth. (page 5)

· Removed question asking for age of oldest parent. (page 5)

· Added graphic elements to draw applicant's attention to housing plan questions. (page 6)

· Added “Report Annual Amounts” to worksheet headers. (page 8)

· Worksheet A, Social Security benefits-added clarification that these benefits for all household members should be reported. (page 8)

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Last Modified: 06/09/2003