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2003-2004 FAFSA on the Web Pre-Application Worksheet

Award Year: 2003-2004

Type: FAFSA Form/Instructions

2003-2004 FAFSA on the Web Pre-Application Worksheet

Posted on 11-01-2002

TO: All Financial Aid Administrators

FROM: General Manager, FSA Students Channel

SUBJECT: 2003-2004 FAFSA on the Web Pre-Application Worksheet

FSA has developed a 2003-2004 FAFSA on the Web Pre-Application Worksheet for students who plan to use the Web to apply for financial aid. As you know, some students like to complete a paper FAFSA to prepare for filling out the online FAFSA. However, because the 2003-2004 version of FAFSA on the Web will allow some students who qualify for an automatic zero Expected Family Contribution or the Simplified Needs Test (SNT) the option of skipping certain questions, the order of questions on the online FAFSA will not follow the exact same order as the 2003-04 paper FAFSA. Therefore, it is very important to tell web filers to use the Pre-Application Worksheet instead of a paper FAFSA.

A printable version of the Pre-Application Worksheet is attached to this message and is available on the Students Portal at We encourage you to print copies of the Worksheet and distribute them to your students, or direct your students to the Students Portal where they can print a copy. Beginning on January 1, 2003, when the 2003-04 version of FAFSA on the Web becomes available, students will be able to print the Pre-Application Worksheet from Section 1 of the FAFSA on the Web home page at

Thank you for continuing to encourage your students to "Go Online with the U.S. Department of Education," particularly with the online versions of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA on the Web shortens processing time from weeks to days, reduces errors, and contains step-by-step instructions for completing the form.


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