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Award Year: 2003-2004

Type: FASFA on the Web Screen Shots

Posted on 10-18-2002

To: All Financial Aid Administrators

From: Central Processing System

RE: FAFSA on the Web -- 2003-2004 FAFSA on the Web Screen Shots

With the new FAFSA application cycle coming up, many of you may be interested in seeing a preview of FAFSA on the Web for the 2003-2004 cycle.

The Department of Education has made a PowerPoint presentation available via the Information for Financial Aid Professionals website (). Though this presentation does not contain every screen within the 2003-2004 version of FAFSA on the Web, it should provide an excellent preview of what the site will look like beginning on January 1, 2003. Feel free to use these slides in your Financial Aid Night presentations and in other presentations you do for students and parents.

Also, please keep in mind that starting on November 25, 2002, the 2003-2004 FAFSA on the Web Demo site will be available. To walk through the form in this test environment, go to and supply the user id of eddemo and password of fafsatest.

If you have questions regarding FAFSA on the Web, please contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243 and select option 2.

Thank you.


Last Modified: 10/17/2002