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Fafsa 0203FinalFAFSA.html

Award Year: 2002-2003

Type: FAFSA Form/Instructions

This is revised 0203 FAFSA with "SAMPLE--DO NOT SUBMIT

This file (0203FAFSAfinal.pdf) contains the 2002-2003 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which was cleared by the Office of Management and Budget on 5/17/2001. This file is dated 11/06/2001. The second file (0203insert.pdf) contains an electronic copy of the information insert that is included in this year's FAFSA. Be sure to use version 4.0 or greater of Acrobat Reader when viewing and printing both of these files.

The colors of the FAFSA for 2002-2003 are blue (PANTONE 277 CVU) and purple (PANTONE 263 CVU).

This file is for information purposes only. Please do not submit.


Last Modified: 11/07/2001