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NSLDS Financial Aid History/NSLDS Match Flags

AwardYear: 1997-98
SectionNumber: Appendix C
SectionTitle: NSLDS Financial Aid History/NSLDS Match Flags
PageNumbers: C-1 through C-17



As mentioned in the introduction, the NSLDS Financial Aid History
Information Summary that appears on the SAR and ISIR has been
revised for the 1997-98 cycle to provide more comprehensive
financial aid information.

To summarize the changes made for 1997-98: All indicator flags
now contain a value. Pending disbursement information will be
provided for aggregate amounts. The "First Disbursement Prior to
7/1/87" field has been deleted for Federal Perkins Loans. The
sections for most recent loans and defaulted loans will now display
up to six loan records each, provide information on FISL loans, and
indicate when additional loans exist. The column headings for these
sections have been standardized so the same information is provided
for every loan record.

Although NSLDS match flags and results flags do not appear on the
Financial Aid History summary page, the flags will be printed in the
FAA Information sections on 1997-98 SARs and ISIRs. These flags
are described in the Introduction to this guide and in the chart in this

Details of the changes made to the NSLDS Financial Aid History
Information Summary follow. A mockup of the 1997-98 NSLDS
Financial Aid History page, as it will appear in the SAR, follows as
Page C-5.


As mentioned in the discussion of the SAR-Part 1, the NSLDS
Financial Aid History information for both SARs and ISIRs will be
included with a student's record only when certain conditions apply.
If a student's record is rejected for any reason, the SAR will not
include a page for NSLDS information (only an NSLDS Results Flag
of "1" will generate the NSLDS information page) . All rejected
SARs, Part 1, consist of a single sheet of paper (two-sided),
containing the SAR comments and the FAA Information section.
The summary of application information and the NSLDS Financial
Aid History page will not be printed for rejected SARs/ISIRs.

If the student's record is not rejected, the NSLDS page/information
may be absent from the record for other reasons: the student may
have no previous loan history, the NSLDS data may not be relevant,
or the match was incomplete and we could not reliably identify the
student. If data are not sent to the CPS, we will not include the
NSLDS page/information on that record. It is necessary to review
the match flags and results flags together to understand each

The chart in Appendix B displays the various combinations of the
NSLDS Match Flags and NSLDS Results Flags and indicates in
which situations data are sent from NSLDS to the CPS and when
resolution is required by the school.


All "Yes-No" fields in the section at the top of the Financial Aid
History page showing Overpayments, Defaulted Loans, and Active
Bankruptcy will display a value of either "Y" or "N." Previously a
blank in this area was used to indicate "No."


For 1997-98, NSLDS will provide Pending Disbursement
information. The amount of pending disbursement is calculated by
subtracting the outstanding principal balance and the amount
cancelled, if any, from the amount of the loan. Calculations will
only be reported for subsidized and unsubsidized loans with an ID
status and Date of Guaranty and First Disbursement Date that is no
more than one year before the date the application was matched with
NSLDS. The "Total" reported in this section is the sum of the
outstanding principal balance plus the pending disbursement. Loans
paid in full, discharged, or fully cancelled will be excluded from this

Aggregate amounts show outstanding principal balances for three
classes of loans. The aggregate for subsidized loans is the
cumulative outstanding principal balance for Stafford Subsidized
(SF) and Direct Stafford Subsidized (D1) Loans. The aggregate for
unsubsidized loans is the cumulative outstanding principal balance of
Stafford Unsubsidized (SU) and Direct Stafford Unsubsidized (D2)
Loans, SLS (SL) Loans, and Refinance (RF) Loans. The aggregate
for consolidated loans is the cumulative outstanding principal
balance of Federal Consolidation (CL), Federal Direct Consolidation
Unsubsidized (D5) and Federal Direct Consolidation Subsidized
(D6) Loans.


The Federal Perkins Loans section will display the same information
as reported in the 1996-97 Financial Aid History, except that "First
Disbursements Prior to 7/1/87" will no longer be reported. In this
section, the First Disbursement Prior to 10/1/92 and the Expanded
Loan Flag Option will always display a "Y" or "N." The Perkins
Cumulative Loan Amount and Current Year (1997-98) Loan Amount
fields will also always display a value, either a dollar amount, if one
exists, or a "zero."


The third section from the top of the page will display up to six of
the student's most recent FFEL, FISL, or Direct Loans, reported in
descending order with the most recent loan appearing in the first
position. If more than one loan has the same beginning date, the first
loan printed will be the loan with the largest outstanding principal
balance. (Note that the mockup in this Appendix displays "Perkins,"
although Perkins Loans will not be reported in this area.) If more
than six loans exist in NSLDS, the bottom of this section will display
a message stating "Access NSLDS for additional loan records."

FFELP and Direct Loans that are paid in full, discharged, or fully
cancelled will not be reported in this section.


The last section on the page reports up to six defaulted loans for the
FFEL, FISL, Direct Loan, and Federal Perkins Loan programs. If
more than six defaulted loans exist, the message to "Access NSLDS
for more records" will print at the bottom of the section.

Unlike last year, loans with DD (Defaulted then died) and DE
(Death) status will be reported in the "Defaulted Loan" section.
Please contact the current loan holder for resolution.

The defaulted loans will appear in this section in descending order
with the most severe defaulted loan in the first position, i.e., the first
loan would DD (Defaulted then died) and DE (Death), followed by
DL, DU, DT, DW, DB and DO. A chart of the loan status codes is
also included in this appendix.

Please note that some overlap in reporting may occur. A defaulted
loan may appear in the Most Recent Loan section because it is a
recent loan, and a recent loan may also be in default.

See Appendix C-6--8 for the Loan Status Code and Eligibility Chart.


The information appearing in the most recent loans and the defaulted
loans sections has been standardized: each loan type displays a status
code, status "as of" date, outstanding balance and "as of" date. The
columns for each loan type display the GA code, school code,
current holder, and region code. The "School Code" is the OPE ID.
The "Current Holder" will display either the servicer code or the
lender code, depending upon the type of loan. For a defaulted
Federal Perkins Loan, "Current Holder" will be blank because the
current holder code and school code are the same.

This Appendix includes lists of the Direct Loan Servicer codes (C-9),
the FFELP servicer codes (C-10), the FFELP Guaranty Agency
Codes (C-11) and selected FFELP Lender Codes (C-12 to C-16, and
Contact Information (C-17).


An NSLDS Transaction Number will be added to the SAR/ISIR in
1997-98. This number is separate from the current CPS (SAR/ISIR)
transaction number and alerts the Financial Aid Administrator (FAA)
that something has changed in a student's NSLDS Financial Aid

For example, on the first 1997-98 CPS SAR/ISIR transaction (01),
the NSLDS transaction number will also be "01." When a SAR/ISIR
02 transaction resulting from a subsequent application or a correction
is processed, the student's record is matched again with NSLDS. If
the NSLDS information for that student is unchanged, the NSLDS
transaction number will continue to be reported as 01. If a further
correction is processed and a SAR/ISIR 03 transaction is created,
current NSLDS information is again compared to the previous
transaction. If the data differ, the NSLDS transaction number will be
set to 03 to reflect that there has been a change in the NSLDS data
since the SAR/ISIR 02 transaction. In this example, the FAA should
review NSLDS data.

This NSLDS Transaction Number is triggered when any item that
appears in the NSLDS Financial Aid History changes, when it is
compared with data on the previous transaction. This means that a
change to a date or a loan amount, as well as a flag, can trigger a new
NSLDS Transaction Number.


As mentioned in the Introduction, we have added a new NSLDS
Match Flag of "7" to indicate that the student's SSN was found in
NSLDS but neither the first name nor the date of birth matched.
Because the student's identity was not reliably confirmed, the
NSLDS data will not be passed to the CPS. This match flag will be
combined with a results flag of "3" and will trigger a "C" flag on the
SAR and ISIR and SAR/ISIR comment #138.

To assist schools in resolving this situation, the NSLDS borrower
tracking function has been enhanced to allow on-line access using
the SSN only and can be used to retrieve the record with the
matching SSN. This will help you determine whether that SSN
belongs to the student you are assisting. You can also learn which
data provider supplied the conflicting SSN information and contact
the provider directly to resolve the discrepancy. Once the
discrepancy is resolved, you do not need to wait for NSLDS to be
updated before continuing the award process.

If the match failure involves a mismatch on first name or date of
birth, for example, if the student used a nickname or entered the
date of birth incorrectly, see Dear Colleague Letter GEN-96-13,
Q&A #26 for guidance.


Four flags that give specific details about the results of the NSLDS
match will appear in the FAA Information sections on the SAR, the
SAR Information Acknowledgement, and the hardcopy ISIR in
1997-98. These flags are not new, but previously appeared only in
the ISIR record layout and not on the output documents.

A flag of "1" means that the reported SSN was matched and
confirmed with the NSLDS; NSLDS data were sent to the CPS and
will appear on the SAR and ISIR. Schools are responsible for using
this information when determining eligibility for Title IV aid.

A flag of "2" means that the student's SSN was found in the NSLDS
but the match could not be confirmed using either the first name or
date of birth. This results flag will generate comment code #138,
informing the student and school that the problem must be resolved
before Title IV aid can be paid. See Dear Colleague Letter
(GEN-96-13) Q&A #26 for further discussion of this issue.

A flag of "3" means that the reported SSN was not found in the
NSLDS. This results flag will generate comment code 140 and a
school may assume that the student had not received any previous
Title IV loans unless the school is aware of conflicting information.

A flag of "4" means that the reported SSN was found (full match on
SSN and either the date of birth, the first name, or both) and
confirmed in the NSLDS, but there were no relevant data to print on
the NSLDS page. For example, the only data in the NSLDS were a
prior year's Pell disbursement or one or more loans that had been
fully repaid or discharged. This results flag will generate comment
code 137.

[[The sample "NSLDS Financial Aid History" on page C-5 is
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[[The "Loan Status Codes and Eligibility Chart" on pages C-6
through C-8 is currently unavailable for viewing on the SFA BBS.
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additional information.]]


Code: Name: Phone No.:

000100 Direct Loan Servicing Center,
Utica, NY 800-848-0979

000200 Direct Loan Servicing Center,
Madison, WI TBA

000300 Direct Loan Servicing Center,
Louisville, KY TBA

000400 Direct Loan Servicing Center,
Indianapolis, IN TBA

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