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Reject Codes and Reject Reasons

AwardYear: 1997-98
SectionNumber: Appendix A
SectionTitle: Reject Codes and Reject Reasons
PageNumbers: A-1 through A-2

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Reject Reason Codes

Reject reason codes can be either alpha or numeric. Alpha codes
indicate reject reasons that are verifiable--that is, the student can
verify the questionable data by re-entering the same value, or can
correct it to a different value. Numeric codes are not verifiable--the
questioned data must be corrected or provided. In all reject
situations, the questioned information is highlighted on the SAR and
an EFC is not calculated.

A "verify" action on the SAR will override a CPS edit. For example,
if a student reports an exceptionally large number of family
members, e.g., 20 in the family, the student's application will get
Reject W. The student can verify the information by correcting the
item to the same value, return the SAR for reprocessing, and Reject
W will not be triggered again.

However, if instead of verifying that 20 in the family is correct, the
student changes the 20 to 21, the corrected data will be subject to the
same edits and will hit Reject W again.

In the electronic system, an FAA can override a verifiable reject
(except Reject P) before transmitting the student's data to the CPS if
the FAA knows that the reported information is correct.

Reject codes and reasons, and their associated SAR comment codes,
are listed here in priority order. If a student is rejected for more than
one reason, the codes will also appear in the FAA Information Box
in priority order. The resolution for a rejected SAR is always the
responsibility of the student, not the institution, and the SAR
comment generated by the reject explains what action must be taken.

Reject Code SAR Comment Code(s) Condition

19 8, 9, 18, 56 Student on verification
or drug abuse hold file

2 n/a Incomplete application(student
did not provide income

3 n/a Incomplete Renewal
Application (student did not
provide taxable income

20 76 Too many comments

1 n/a Simplified needs test not met,
and all asset information is

17 68 Citizenship information blank
or "No"

13 82 Both first and last names
are blank

N 82 Either first or last name is

18 24 Social security number
not on SSA data base

P 23 Social security number
not within valid range

5 n/a Date of birth is blank or

4 n/a Date of birth year equal to
current year

B n/a Independent student, date
of birth equal to or later
than September 1, 1980,
and not current year

12 81 Any field needed for
calculation is illegible

10 n/a Marital status and number
of family members are blank

W n/a Questionable number of
family members

11 89, 99 Not married, but two incomes

(NOT USED IN 1997-98)

26-32 92 Negative asset value, or blank
46-52 92 asset value with positive asset

U n/a Real estate/investment debt
greater than value
(parents/independent student)

G n/a Real estate/investment debt
greater than value (dependent

15 108 Unsigned SAR, or parent did
not sign dependent student's

16 110, 111 Unsigned FAFSA Express

Italics indicate a reject code for expected year income, which is not
used in 1997-98.

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