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Data Base Matches and Match Flags

AwardYear: 1997-98
SectionNumber: Appendix B
SectionTitle: Data Base Matches and Match Flags
PageNumbers: B-1 through B-22


For the 1997-98 cycle, we are providing a new, expanded chart
showing match flags for all the matches, the reasons associated with
these match results, the number and text of the SAR/ISIR comment
that is triggered, and information on what action the institution needs
to take when resolution of a match problem is required.

For the NSLDS match, we have also shown the relationship between
the NSLDS Match Flag and the new NSLDS Results Flag. For
further information on the NSLDS Financial Aid History Information
Summary that appears on the SAR and ISIR, please see Appendix C.


The information is provided for you to use as a quick reference.
chapter 2 of the Student Financial Assistance Handbook contains
more detailed information about student eligibility and the action
need to resolve discrepancies found in the data matches.

A flag of "C" is an indicator that institutional resolution is required.
The "C" flag will be printed on the SAR next to the EFC if any of the
conditions described in the chart are met.

NOTE: Some of these conditions (as indicated) will generate a
rejected record. An EFC does not print on rejected records.
Therefore, although resolution is required, a "C" code will not be
printed on the SAR.

* = that a match flag value is not generated for cases that were
not/could not be sent to the matching agency.

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