The Federal Student Aid Handbook appendices contain information of general interest that is not appropriate for inclusion in just one volume or is so unique that it requires separate treatment.

Appendix A was previously the glossary of federal student aid terms and a list of federal student aid acronyms. This information has been moved to the Glossary.

Appendix B is a directory of resources for technical information and specialized assistance with managing the federal student aid programs.

Note: This resource is not currently available, but will be updated to reflect the transition to Partner Connect.

Appendix C provides in one place information found in other parts of the Handbook and in previous sub-regulatory communications on how a school should proceed when a currently enrolled recipient of federal student aid dies before completing the period for which the student received aid.

Appendix D is a description of the FSA Assessments annotated to identify those that might be of interest to fiscal officers.

Appendix E summarizes Internal Revenue Service (IRS) forms that might be of special interest to a fiscal/business office.

Appendix F is a summary of the reporting and disclosure requirements for schools’ eligibility to participate in the Title IV, Higher Education Act (HEA) student assistance programs.

Appendix G is a table of contents for the HEA and a crosswalk between the HEA and the U.S. Code.

Published: 03/28/2021