Loan Servicing and Collection Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions provide information about the servicing and collection of federally-owned loans.

The listing of Frequently Asked Questions will be updated as needed and include the date of the update. New and/or updated questions and answers will be marked NEW.

The questions below are grouped by the follow categories:

- Loan Rehabilitation [LR]

- Total and Permanent Disability Discharge [TPD]

- Treasury Offset Program [TOP]

- Third-Party Authorizations [TPA]

- FSA ID Issues [FSAID]

- Collections Fees [CF]

- Incarcerated Borrowers [IB]

- Alternative Repayment Plans [ARP]

- PCA Complaint Process [PCACP]

- Joint Consolidation [JC]

- Judgments and Pending Judgments [JPJ]

- Servicers and Consolidation [SERC]

- Discharges and Other Entitlements [DIS]

- Unpaid Refund Discharges [URD]

- False Certification Discharges [FCD]

- Settlements and Compromises [SETC]

- Bankruptcy Discharges [BD]

- Defense to Repayment [DR]